Self-control in this world

Philosophy and Arts of this world is Toxic

Plato had his own philosophical theory of Universal

Aristolle had his own philosophical theory of Particulars

Almost of every philosophy from that time to today falls in same category of mans fallen theory and shows his lack of understanding and rejection of God.

1Cor 1:31 says God is Universal.

In todays world people may kill babies (abortion) and same save wild life saying good of outward appearance and so are called universal but that which does not have any spiritual control of life (which I say blasphemy). Self control can be developed in all persons including believers and unbelievers as it is an common grace obtained from God which all person got from His nature.

Why do believers need to have self-control ? because of words Universality, for we know drinking brings down human ability of thinking and self control but still christians do so just because of worlds universality. Where that is sin because that goes against word of God as right knowledge of God is always got from Bible, Christian fellowship, by seeing and hearing and speaking word of God (which is sharing our study not just attending & hearing sermons in church).

Self-control is giving obedience to God’s word in God’s spirit. Through common grace people can develop self-control even they are believers or non believers, best example is defence departments, but believers gets honour from God and other (non believer) gets none.

Being like Christ is not self-control on just material and spiritual substance but be committed and disciplined to be and like Him by studying His word and producing fruit (spiritual) that makes God Happy.

Jimberg’s Faith council ministry (I heard and agreed at this video which was presented at bible study), more depths can be gained by Jay Adam’s books too.



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