Blessings from God

Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly

Today’s worlds morel systems tells us to be on positivity but God begins by emphasizing the negatives of this world and harks on us to be alert and attentive.

  • The blessed man is marked by the things he does not do according to this world but he who looks to his pilgrimage (the world which is to come),
  • The places to which he does not go on this destructive world and defile himself and loose his hope of world that is to come,
  • By the books he does not read that diverts his mind and carries his soul far from God,
  • By the movies he does not watch brings his own self satisfaction and that confirms himself to this world and blinds Gods words,
  • By the company he does not keep, relates to evildoers, sinners or one who is not leading and example of true pilgrims.

Definitely that’s the way to begin our journey to meet God. A blessed man begins by avoiding certain things in life, things which make it impossible for happiness to flourish because they are poisonous, destructive, and counterproductive.

Blessed is the man who . … standeth not in the way of sinners.

Definitely psalmist is says that there is nothing wrong with being friendly with lost men and women, of course looking in to life of Jesus who made friends with all kinds of people especially calling sinners, but He did so in order to lead them to a higher, holier way of life. Jewish leaders called Him “a friend of publicans and sinners.” This Psalm teaches we are not to stand in the way of sinners; we are not to participate in their sinful activities which puts us in the pit of judgement but we need to set and example of Christ for them to look for there soul and truth.

Blessed is the man who… sitteth not in the seat of the scornful.

  • The ungodly man has his own counsel;
  • The sinner has his own way;
  • The scornful has his seat.

The progression in wickedness

  • the ungodly,
  • the sinner,
  • the scornful; and
  • the corresponding progression in backsliding by walking, standing, sitting in ungodly ways.

As the company gets worse sin increases its hold.

  • The Happy man avoids the seat of the scornful,
  • He avoids the classroom of the atheist and humanist who delight to shred the faith of the unlearned.

Today’s Society’s are full of them.
People who agrees worldly views and denies Gods words are been sitting in the seat of the scornful.

The godly man is separated from the world. He avoids the perils and pitfalls which lie along the path trodden by those who have no love for the Lord.



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